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"Carlie is a one-of-a-kind Reiki specialist. The moment she set me up with pillows, music, and candles I felt a deep sense of calm wash over me. She has a very serene way about her and a very calming presence. I didn't know what to expect, as I had never done Reiki before. Once I was lying down and she started the session, I felt energy move throughout my body. It seemed as though channels that had been blocked were suddenly opening up, and it was almost like my body was suddenly sending energy to areas that needed it most. I was so at ease, I fell into a deep sleep, but was oddly still aware of Carlie doing her work. It was almost trance-like. When the session was over and Carlie gently let me know we were finished, she allowed me to take my time and stay where i was comfortably lying. I didn't really have a sense of how long I had been lying there or how long the session was. I felt incredible for the next week. I now go to Carlie weekly in order to clear me of any blocked energy pathways. I have noticed I have a lot less anxiety and stress since I started working with Carlie. She is the absolute best!"

-Sophia A., Reiki client

I started doing reiki with Carlie about 3 months ago. I was feeling really drained and stressed with work. After our first session I was a vegetable. I felt so emotionally exhausted, I knew something had shifted. Within the next few days that energy moved out and I felt lighter. Our most recent session helped me work through my deepest needs, to come to a place of acceptance and appreciation. My fiancé said I was floating after our session. I felt so content with my place in the universe, so freed from worry. I didn't feel fixed, I felt like myself at my highest potential. Carlie's gifted at going through your body at a cellular level. She holds space where you often forget you even have space. Her touch is like air, you can't see it but it's all around you. Her work is good for anybody who feels stuck, uncertain, needs a tune up, wants to feel lighter and freer. An hour with her is like accomplishing 10 self care acts in one.

-AJ W. Reiki Client

"Carlie is a natural born healer. Gentle, present, caring, and knowledgeable. When our session started I felt completely relaxed, safe and comfortable. 

The main reason I've been seeking Reiki is because I am highly sensitive to others' energies and am empathic, so I tend to feel very low energy and weighed down through the day. During our session I could feel Carlie literally sweeping away that heavy, draining energy and I felt renewed and light and energized. It was a really lovely, peaceful experience for me. 

I also appreciated that Carlie took time after our session to talk to me about what she had experienced during our session and to answer my questions. She is very intuitive and knowledgable and I felt like I could have talked with her for hours - she is a GEM! I'm already recommending her to my friends, and I’m excited to see how I will feel after my next session with her. Thank you for your magic hands!""

-Chelsea, Reiki client 

"I found Carlie to be incredibly empathic, caring, and intuitive.  She is there 100% for her clients.  She is one of those people who you just know is doing what she does for all the right reasons.  I emphatically recommend her both for recovery coaching services and Reiki healing."

Bryan W., Recovery Coaching & Reiki client

"My reiki session with Carlie exceeded my expectations. Within moments, I was instilled with a sense of peace as several blockages cleared. I left feeling peaceful and rejuvenated, ready to reengage with the world with a clearer perspective. The whole experience felt simultaneously like a luxury as well as an essential component of my self-care. Carlie is very approachable and I felt supported through the entire treatment. I’m beyond grateful to have found her."

-Jen S., Reiki client

"Carlie is a warm, gentle and kind healer.  She made me feel at home as I entered her space. I sought Reiki to assist with some tension and stress I had been experiencing.  As I lay there, I felt a flushing sensation all over my body as the tension melted away.  Carlie released a ton of emotional discomfort I had been carrying around.  

The experience was amazing. I did not know what to expect as this was my first time working with a Reiki specialist, but I can say with assurance I am looking forward to my next session.  Carlie’s presence and expertise changed me from a skeptic to a believer."

-Jayme T., Reiki client

"Carlie is an amazing spiritual healer! She was able to help heal my gut after some health issues, and able to help me heal mentally and spiritually from some traumas. Carlie definitely knows how to explore the inner being and bring light to places that are in need! What a blessing it’s been to have reiki done by her. Cannot say enough good things! 🙌🏼"

-Anna A. Reiki Client

I was very skeptical and hesitant about the benefits of reiki before I had my session with Carlie. I personally do not like meditation and have a very difficult time quieting my mind. That being said, I’ve heard for years about the power of meditation and It’s Benefits so I was willing to try it and kept and open mind. Carlie was professional, understanding and informative. She clearly communicated about what reiki was and even shared her own dislike of mediation before she began her teaching journey. I felt heard, understood and safe opening up to her. Best of all, I felt AMAZING after the session! I instantly felt lighter, happier and more at peace. I sought out reiki for anxiety and I can say even 24 hours after the session I am more calm and centered than I have been in a long time. Even my husband commented on how much lighter my energy was after the session. I highly recommend Carly and WCWC to anyone looking for relief from emotional or physical discomfort.

-Emily B. Reiki Client

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