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Certified Recovery Coach.

Certified Meditation Teacher. 

Reiki Practitioner.

Smiling, Flowers, Carlie

 Growing up in NYC, I always felt like I was out of place, uncomfortable in my skin, despite all the love and support from my family I could ever ask for. Throughout my teenage years, I found myself on an unhealthy path, with unhealthy behaviors and coping mechanisms. By age 19, I had to make a choice-continue on my self-destructive path, or make some serious life changes. I chose life. So began my journey of personal wellness and recovery.  I felt healthier,  I was learning about myself, building relationships, and building a career. I worked in Real Estate in a corporate office setting for years. While exciting at first, deadlines and quotas seemed to rule my day, and I found myself feeling complacent, unmotivated, and burnt out at the age of 26. So, it was time to make another change- I relocated to Los Angeles after visiting on a 4 day vacation and falling in love with the city and how I felt while I was there (the palm trees and beach didn't hurt). When I moved to LA, I spent time focusing on me. What brings me happiness? What brings me peace? 


I discovered there had always been a deep inner calling to help others, to be of service. I have always loved listening to others, to be a person they knew they could come to for nonjudgmental advice or guidance.   I was drawn to getting my certification from the International Recovery Institute as a Recovery Coach and companion. I started working with newly recovering addicts and alcoholics, helping to navigate their way through the challenges of early sobriety. This is a time that can feel daunting, scary, and often very lonely. This work is rewarding, I get to be a support for someone starting their new life, and it consistently brings new challenges, gratitude, and happiness to my life. By working together, we discover the ways that work for you to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, thereby also finding a sense of joy in the beauty of day-to-day activities. 


While working in Recovery, I have uncovered another passion: to help others develop a Meditation practice. Before I began meditating, anxiety was a constant state for me. It was (and still can be) a daily challenge to sit and try to wrangle my thoughts, but I realized that by taking that time for myself, I always felt better afterwards. Many people say, “I can’t sit still” or “I can’t meditate” or “ my mind is too busy!” I. Get. It! I echoed those same feelings when I began my own practice. Little by little, meditation became an essential part of my day. Meditation brings a sense of calm, clarity, enhanced communication and focus, and a deep sense of self-love to my everyday life. On this path, I also have found a great love in Reiki healing after a session with a neighbor.  From there, I continued going to Reiki classes and shares because of the deep relaxation and energy shifts I felt during sessions, and decided to become a practitioner. After experiencing the incredible benefits of Meditation and Reiki, and having completed a 400-hr Meditation Teacher Training at The Den in Los Angeles. it is my goal to help others experience similar benefits by guiding them to find their own journey towards happiness, and self-worth.

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