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Reiki Healing

A lot of my clients are both intrigued and mystified by Reiki healing. They are interested in trying it, but they often ask me: "what is Reiki actually?"

Reiki is an energy healing modality that works to remove emotional blockages and helps to promote the healing of physical ailments. Reiki works on both the physical body and the energetic or subtle body.

The next question I often hear is: "Is Reiki for me?"


Reiki has amazing benefits for EVERYONE. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, experience physical aches and pains, or simply find yourself feeling tired, drained, or unbalanced, then Reiki may be your answer! Reiki Healing is a deeply relaxing way to help balance the Chakras. It encourages inner peace and promotes mental clarity and a sense of overall wellbeing. 

Offering both Private Sessions


Group Healing Circles

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